Black Trade Lines Connecting & Rebuilding The Black Community

With Black History Month upon us there is usually an added desire to makes sure that as African-Americans or Blacks (I’ll use Black) we connect. The yearning to network with one another can be as simple as eating at a Black-owned restaurant to seeing an all-Black play. There is a company that has found a way to ensure that no matter the day, you can connect with the Black community in every way. Black Trade Lines is a company that uses digital technology to empower African-American businesses. They maintain a central collection of products and services covering everything from retailers to mobile applications that are crafted to ensure circulation of the Black dollar back into the Black community; constructing a foundation for economic growth as well as sustainability.

The mobile application Black Trade Circle offers new way of empowering the economics of the black community using digital technology. The app was created to help users locate neighboring Black-owned businesses and organizations, specials, events and activities close to them. The app uses both a voice enabled search and a built-in GPS locator to find Black-owned entities within a given proximity.

Black Trade Lines
A New Way of Empowering the Economics of the
Black Community Using Digital Technology

The core mission is to bring about a rebirth, a new approach to Black business, shading away what we know about business and reconnecting us with our past to communicate our future. The fundamental essence of this approach has been to focus on the core elements of our social consciousness:

Black Trade LInes

  1. Entertainment
  2. Culture
  3. Community
  4. Economics


With Black Trade Lines, Black-owned entities will have the ability to build trust within their community and tap into that over $1.3 Trillion in economic buying power. The app provides users the ability to search for businesses within their community. Businesses have to opportunity to advertise their products/services. And all have the capability of connecting on the social network platform. In case the need arises, there is 24/7 customer service support.

Poverty is an economic problem that has dynamic and social effects on society. The Black community has a staggering national unemployment rate of 34%, and a parallel youth national rate of 57%.

“Our success educationally, industrially, and publicly is based upon the protection of a nation founded by ourselves…”

Marcus Garvey

Black Trade Lines comprehends first-hand the economic crisis facing the African-American community. The irresponsibility by our leaders, racism coupled with continual exploitation of the economic and financial resources of our community has placed us behind in every economic endeavor. Every btlfinancial dollar that is created within the community turns to leave to other neighboring communities wounding ours with unemployment , crime , illiteracy and a decline in family , cultural and social structures that continues the cycle of economic genocide .

For this reason, Black Trade Lines has been created with the sole mission of providing opportunity to bridge this social-economic gap.

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