Last Friday Night – Did You Invest

The start of the New Year sparked more resolve than ever before and last Friday night has taken on a whole new meaning for black owned businesses. There is a campaign that is currently going on, the ‪#‎2MillionJob campaign. For those of you who have been with Buy Black Economics for a while know ‪#‎EachAndEveryFriday they purposely support black businesses, by spending at least $20. In 2016; Buy Black Economics are taking this challenge to a whole new level. There has to be a real push in cooperative economics.

Belief is, when we (all 45 million of us) commit to just spending $20 a week with the 1.9 million BLACK businesses we currently have, they will in return hire the 1.9 million BLACK people unemployed in America.

When we do this correctly, each of these businesses will provide a full-time job to those in our community who are looking for employment.

Remake Last Friday Night

Each and Every Friday Flex your muscle as a concerned citizen to help create two million jobs by 2017.

Step 1. Like Buy Black Economics Facebook page 

Step 2. Take the pledge []  “I pledge to help create 2 million jobs.” ——> Signup to the right. 

Step 3. Share this project and tag four friends @friendsname

It’s a mathematical fact. If we increase our spending by 5% and redirect some of our discretionary spending to Black-owned businesses we will create two million jobs.

Crazy, but true. Seems like if we knew the solution to unemployment was so simple we’d fix it. So let’s spread the news.

‪#‎2MillionJobs‬ ‪#‎Eachandeveryfriday‬ spend $20 with a local or online business. 

For updates and latest information on this campaign sign up at [].

Thank you for joining the movement.

Here is the break down:

  • This is what $20 a week at a black-owned business will produce!
  • $20 x 52 = $1,040
  • $1,040 x 45,000,000 = $46,800,000,000
  • $46,800,000,000/1,900,000 = $24,631.57/yearly salary $24,631.57/2080 = 11.84/hr

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