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Black Female Entrepreneur Periscope Provides A TrueMovement

“Build your brand” was a common theme that ended 2015 and with the start of 2016, Periscope provides a new platform for the black female entrepreneur to do just that. Periscope was acquired by Twitter in February 2015 before the app even launched and is a live-streaming app that makes it simple to telecast messages or have video discussions through your iPhone or Android. You can make your stream public or private since it’s ultimately your own TV station. Basically, you can go live whenever, wherever.

Anyone that joins your broadcast sees you up close and in living color, that is if you are streaming to the public. There is a nice little two-way interactive component where you can get some love from your viewers by them clicking on the screen and everyone sees hearts flying across their device. Users can also be included in the telecast by commenting live, or sending out notifications to their Periscope and/or Twitter followers to come check you out.

When you decided to end your broadcast or your device dies, whichever comes first, others can replay it for up to 24 hours before it gets dropped into the Periscope rabbit hole. However, you the broadcaster have the luxury of being able to retain the broadcast just like any other video, so you can publish them on the web, send it via email, or just watch it over and over again. From a business viewpoint, Periscope is really a phenomenal approach to gain exposure. You might not have a large following to begin with, but the fact that the app doesn’t cost a thing and it’s anything but difficult to operate, it’s pretty easy to test out and start promoting your channel to get more engagement. And my friend this is something that black female entrepreneurs have already gotten hip to.

Black Trade Lines for the Black Female Entrepreneur

And as with any social media network, it’s essential to take follow your dependable clients and influencers so they can see your broadcasts and you can see their’s to continue an active relationship. The more you connect with different broadcasters, the more visibility your own channel gets which in turn increases your following. After you have laid the foundation, you can begin getting inventive.

Black Female Entrepreneur How To Videos

This is ideal when broadcasting how to use one of your products or tips to using your products. You can go ahead and put the video on your YouTube channel or find it on after your live stream, but this helps to give you visibility on multiple platforms. It can sometimes be tough to explain demonstrations in blog posts, so this is the perfect way to use the platform. This is something that LaNée Javet has just about perfected with her #Mogulvation #MogulTribe.

Black Female Entrepreneur Brand Release

Periscope is all about instant news, therefore a release of a new product or service may be a nice time to form a live broadcast. You are able to make an announcement and explain the process of creating the new product and/or events happening to celebrate the release. Like Desiree Lee‘s broadcast of her working on her team member’s upcoming event page Arvin the PeriHacker, by the way Arvin Poole is the hack master.

Black Female Entrepreneur FAQ’s

If you want to create a live broadcast in the same way that you would a podcast, that’s also a great option. This is something that Ashley Ann The Event Designer does #LateNightBiz which obviously airs late night and is a Q&A in which she gives advice, takes names and gains connections to help build businesses. Interviews are probably better on a platform like Blab, but showing a behind the scenes look at your company or hosting a video where you encourage questions is an excellent way to bring up that engagement.

In addition to creative ways to use Periscope, there are also little things you can do to make your videos more successful—use the right tags, publish at the right times, respond to comments, etc. This is a new road for the black female entrepreneur and if you aren’t on the road to fulfillment and success get out of the way because this is a TrueMovement.

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