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I am able to work as your assistant from my own office, using my own software and computer equipment. It’s the hassle-free, cost-effective way for you to achieve your business goals with an expert on board to provide support!

There are lots of ways that I can assist you, but the main thing to remember is this: you have a highly skilled individual ready to help, as and when you require my services. It’s flexible, efficient and effective!

We will use whichever means of communication that you are most comfortable with- I am able to chat with you via email, telephone or Google Hangouts and we can use screen-sharing as well as other project management tools as per the project in question. I also offer an optional 30-minute weekly meeting for my clients, should they wish to meet in person.

As your virtual assistant, I will complete all the work you require according to my own timetable but will discuss your needs with you from the beginning to ensure that we are the right fit and that your goals are met.

I use a range of online marketing and project management tools to enable the swift and effective completion of each project. If you prefer me to use specific tools compatible with your business and your needs, I am happy to oblige!

I will draw up project timelines to gauge and monitor productivity.

Each project is different, and turnaround time will depend on the level of complexity of each project. If you require urgent assistance, we can discuss an appropriate deadline to ensure that your needs are met.

I am committed to treating each client and their personal and business information with the utmost respect and confidentiality. I operate a strict policy of nondisclosure and will remove all files pertaining to a client’s project after the work is complete.

Absolutely! If you can’t find exactly what you need from the services listed, or you want to check that I’d be the right person for the project you are working on, I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me on Google Hangouts ([email protected]) or email directly me at

Taking administrative tasks off our clients’ shoulders – Freeing time for them to focus on their main duties.
Cutting down the workload – Making those lengthy “to do” lists more manageable for a day’s work.
Providing assistance wherever, whenever – Whether our clients are in the air or on the road, we are there on the go.

  • We eliminate extra operating expenses
  • Over 20 years of customer service, technical and  administrative expertise..

You are partnering with a highly skilled expert. 

Adding more economic value to your business. 

Executing tasks efficiently without wasting time.

Building your business can feel like trying to move a mountain and with our services, you can turn your mountain into a molehill.

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Are you setting up a new business, and need help setting out your goals? You don't know exactly what steps to take on how to position your business and reach your intended and target audience.


Do you feel overwhelmed by your day-to-day management of tasks? You start to see that the day-to-day management of your business requires a lot of work. Who’s going to do it all?


Are you struggling to get a marketing campaign off the ground? Your business requires innovative tactics on how to cut through the noise and gain the attention your business deserves.

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