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Don’t Confuse Transparency for Intimacy

There’s no doubt that being vulnerable has value. Author Brené Brown has proven that vulnerability can transform relationships, including those between the audience and the business owner. Being transparent is the new customer service, but care should be taken to avoid confusing transparency for intimacy. There’s a fine line between being vulnerable and oversharing. Transparency […]

Content is a Love Letter

If you have an online business, you know how important content is. Content is another word for information, which is vital to building your authority with your audience, followers, or people just discovering who you are. Creating content is a way to express yourself, show your audience why they should listen to you, and generate […]

Give Your Business A HIIT

Give Your Business A HIIT

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, a popular exercise routine that combines bursts of intense exercise with short rest periods. It is designed to maximize your workouts within the shortest amount of time. Believe it or not, this strategy doesn’t need to stay in the gym. You can use it on your business to reach […]

Confidence Is Your Secret Weapon to Building the Life Of Your Dreams

It’s time to wrap up this 7-Day blog post series about getting what you want out of life. We’ve covered a lot of ground already this week and I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself with how much progress you make going forward. Before you know it, you’ll have the life of your dream and start to […]

Watch Out – Those Guilty Feelings Will Try To Sneak Back Into Your Life


Yesterday’s blog post was all about taking baby steps and making progress. The secret to reaching any goal is to just keep taking those baby steps and adjusting your course as needed. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there’s always something that will throw a wrench into your plans, potentially halting your progress. Today I […]

Take A Few Baby Steps Toward Your Big Goals

Big goals can be scary. It doesn’t matter if it’s losing a significant amount of weight, paying off a large chunk of consumer debt, or changing careers. When we look at those big goals, we get intimidated. We put off working towards them because we either don’t know where to start or because the task […]

Dig Deep and Find the Reason for the Guilt

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This is day three in our seven-day mini-challenge and it is time to dig a little deeper and get to the root causes for your guilt that’s holding you back. Let’s find the reason for the guilty. After all, you can’t work on something and start making improvements until you know exactly what it is. […]

Forgive Yourself and Start Loving the Real You

Forgive yourself.

It doesn’t matter what’s holding you back from doing what you really want to do. Once you’ve started to figure out what you’re feeling guilty about, the next step is to work towards forgiveness and self-acceptance. Here’s the thing that most people don’t realize. You have to love the real you before you can start […]

What Is Guilt And Why Does It Hold You Back From What You Want To Do?

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Let’s talk about guilt? It’s not a great feeling, is it? By definition, guilt is a feeling of deserving blame for something. Often it’s a good check mechanism and a state of mind that we want to avoid. It moves us to action and gets us to do “the right thing”. Think back on your […]