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HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, a popular exercise routine that combines bursts of intense exercise with short rest periods. It is designed to maximize your workouts within the shortest amount of time. Believe it or not, this strategy doesn’t need to stay in the gym. You can use it on your business to reach maximum productivity too. 

Here is how to use the HIIT method to achieve more and increase your productivity:

Work in Intervals but Be Realistic

Set intervals and break times that work with your schedule and the task you need to finish. Keep in mind that not every task is design to be performed in intervals or too short of periods. Be realistic regarding the activities you can do and be sure the time intervals you pick are optimal for quality, quantity, and other metrics you use to measure your business success. 

A Pomodoro timer can be used to help you get started. With this timer, you work in a 25-minute burst with five-minute breaks. You can also adjust the times and intervals that make sense for you if you need more time to work. However, the faster you can push yourself, the better this strategy will work. 

For example, content writers and authors will use “writing sprints” to encourage their creativity, find inspiration and reach a higher word count. They use the breaks to recharge and better manage their energy. They also use it to challenge their fellow writers in a fun writing game or challenge. 

Check out Kiingo Writing Sprints on Twitter to give it a try and join the next challenge. 

Don’t Skip the Break

All HIIT training sessions include quick little breaks in their routine to give you a short time to recenter and recover so you can better attack the next challenge. Therefore, you should be including five-to-twenty-minute breaks in your schedule before you start a new task. 

If you skip the break, you are not using this method correctly or effectively. To reap the benefits, you must work as hard as possible during the first burst, meaning you’ll want the rest and need it to get back to the next interval. 

Keep Track and Measure Progress

Don’t rely on yourself or your memory to keep track of time and progress. Invest in a timer, stopwatch, and project management tools to record the intervals, cycles, and times required for each task. 

Experiment and Adjust

Just because one set interval didn’t work doesn’t mean another won’t. Change up the interval number and times depending on the project. Then analyze the results to see which interval times allowed you to get the most done. 

Overall, the main idea of HIIT is to work in short periods as hard as possible with a break right around the corner to encourage you to get to work and get it done faster.

How do you feel about HITT’ing your business?

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