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No automation plan is complete without an outsourcing plan. Outsourcing means that you find other experts to do tasks for you. If you outsource to a contractor, they are not employees because you can only make requirements on the deliverables but not on how they use their time creating and making the deliverables. Combined with automation, outsourcing is very powerful. So where can you find contractors for outsourcing?

  • Your Network – When you want to work with someone, the first thing you should do is survey your network to find out if you already know someone who is an expert, uses experts or knows who you can use. The person recommended by trusted sources will almost always perform better than if you hire a total stranger.
  • Your Customers – When you have fleshed out the tasks you want someone else to do for you, send out a message to your current customers and audience who have signed up for your list already. You never know who is already in love with your offerings that can make them even better for you.
  • Fiverr.com – Don’t be fooled by the name. Most of the time, if you want someone who is an expert, you’re not really going to get it done for five bucks. However, there are some amazing people who use Fiverr.com as their storefront that you can hire to do various jobs, from editing video to coding. The sky is the limit.
  • Upwork.com – This is a job board where, for a fee, you can place an advertisement for your position. Ensure that you figure out everything you want the contractor to do so that you are clear about your deliverables.
  • Ziprecruiter.com – This is another worksite much like Upwork.com, but it’s also an excellent place to find contractors for your needs. You can hire all kinds of people for any virtual position or project that you have open.
  • Advertising on Your Website – Once you know what you need, you can put your job right on your website. Using the same promotional methods, you use for blog posts and other content, you can get the word out about your openings.
  • Thumbtack.com – This is a great site that enables you to list your needs or go through and find someone offering what you need already.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk.com) – This has been around a long time and is still working great. People list the work they do and make offers on the system. You just need to search for what you want.
  • PeoplePerHour.com – If you want to hire people to do a task in person or virtually, PPH is an excellent resource for you. Workers list their offers, and people who need projects done also list their needs.

Outsourcing, like automation, saves money and time because it takes things off your plate that you aren’t an expert at doing, so you can focus elsewhere. Using a combination of experts and automation in your business will boost your productivity exponentially.

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