Essential Live Streaming Tools and Equipment

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Your success in running a live streaming business is highly dependent on the essential live streaming tools and equipment you have now and what you use later to improve and optimize your stream. Unfortunately, this means live streaming is not a business that can be started on a tight budget. Without the proper equipment, you can’t expect success or even a chance at it. 

See This List of Live Streaming Tools and Equipment You Might Consider: 

Desktop Computer, Laptop or Smart Phone

Firstly, before starting a live streaming business is something to stream from. It can be a desktop computer, laptop, or cell phone. Remember that the type of content you want to stream will inform some of your choices. If you’re going to stream video games, for example, your cell phone won’t cut it. You need high performing gaming computer or laptop. In addition to that, most live streaming platforms today are connected to via a smartphone. To make sure you have to proper live streaming tools to be successful, you will need to make sure that you have an updated and quality smartphone.

On the other hand, if simply talking with your viewers and using physical props to communicate your content properly is how you’re going to do it, you can get away with using your cell phone. Just keep in mind the quality of your video and audio. Whether you choose a computer, laptop, or smartphone, you already need a pretty good budget to afford them. 

High-Speed Internet 

Next, you need to be sure you have a proper internet connection to stream. The lower the upload and download speed is, the worst your stream will look to your viewers. Streaming requires a lot of bandwidth to transfer live images successfully and depending on the resolution or quality of your videos, and you will need more. Ideally, an internet provider that can offer seven megabits per second or more is a great starting point for 720 resolution live streams. If you provide 4k videos, you will need at least 25 megabits per second to keep a consistent live stream. 

Microphone and Headphones 

For your viewers to hear you, you need to have a microphone. Don’t go live and not expect to communicate with your audience. If your viewers can’t listen to you, they will more than likely click on it. 

Green Screen or Background and Proper Lighting

If you choose to show your face or use a webcam, you need to be sure what you share is professional. This means having a clean room, personalized background or setup, and the right lighting so your audience can see or the material you want to share through your camera. 

Gaming Consoles or Other Supporting Materials

Your niche will also inform what tools and other supporting materials you need to do live streaming successfully and professionally. For example, suppose you are in the gaming industry. In that case, you can play most games on a desktop computer or purchase other gaming consoles like the Xbox or Play Station series made by Microsoft that are required to play certain games that are not yet available for your personal computer. 

If you want to start a baking stream, for another example, you will need all the tools required to bake plus extra cameras. More cameras also mean you will need the additional tools and software to support different cameras such as USB and HDMI cords and the proper encoding and simulcasting software.

Overall, you can’t run a successful stream without these tools. A computer, microphone (or a updated smartphone in place of the computer/mic combo), and proper internet are vital to get started. 

What equipment do you feel you need to have a good live stream?

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