How to Develop Small Habits That Lead to Big Rewards

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It takes 21 days to create a habit – even a small one. A habit is something you do without needing to talk yourself into it. A habit is a pattern of behavior that has become normalized to the point it takes very little effort to complete. While some habits aren’t the best to have – smoking or procrastination come to mind – those created intentionally can be very, very good.

Your business benefits from developing small habits that lead to big rewards. Some tasks feel very big which can be intimidating. Breaking them down and creating small habits can help tackle big tasks and make them much easier.

Here are some simple steps to develop small habits:

Step #1: Map out what tasks you need to do. Start by spending some time mapping out what tasks you need to do on a regular basis. These might be basic tasks for bookkeeping or list building, or they could be bigger tasks that require more effort. Identifying what tasks need to be completed helps you organize your time and where your effort is going.

Step #2: Create a plan for executing the habits. Knowing what tasks need to be done and creating how they will be done are two different things. After you identify what tasks you need to do, it’s time to determine what you need to get them done. This can include doing them yourself, delegating or hiring someone to complete them, or automating them. Determine the plan for executing the tasks so you can start taking action.

Step #3: Take action. Once you identify and make a plan to create a new habit, it’s time to walk things out. Take the actions you’ve identified and experience them first-hand. You may decide to send an email each morning at 10:00 am. By taking the action, you can experience what the habit feels like and evaluate over time if it is a habit worth keeping or modifying.

Step #4: Evaluate and make changes. Not all habits work. It’s important to evaluate your tasks and the habits that you create to determine if they make sense. Some habits need to be modified and some need to be discarded. The more you practice your habits, the easier it is to see if they are best practice for your business. You may discover that a tweak here and there is all you need to optimize your habits for your business’ success.

Developing small habits leads to big rewards. Breaking tasks down and creating habits that support the tasks is a great way to streamline your work and create the success you deserve.

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