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Start Investing in Experiences

Start Investing in Experiences

As we embark on careers to earn money, most of us don’t consider what really makes people happy or successful? Do things make people happy, or do experiences make people happy? According to science, experiences make people happier than possessions because experiences make us who we are. Don’t worry, all the things you experience don’t […]

Write Down 3 Things You’re Grateful for Each Day

One of the very first habits it’s important to incorporate into your daily life if you want to be happy and feel successful is the habit of gratitude. Being grateful is more than looking on the bright side. It’s actually about being realistic about what is good in your life. To record your gratitude, use […]

Changing Your Thought Pattern

Think it

You can accept change, address your fears, challenge your notions of discomfort, and let go of focusing on things that don’t matter while aiming for financial balance. To ensure this happens, you must change your thought patterns. It may seem like something that is not controllable, but it is. The truth is your thoughts are […]

How To Make Your Shift In Perspective Permanent

It’s easy to fall back into old patterns. This is particularly true when it comes to the lenses through which we see our world. Our perspective is shaped by the various experiences we’ve had up to this point. This not only makes it harder to shift perspective in their first place but also to make […]