Top Microphones for Better Live Streaming Audio

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Unfortunately, studies have shown that people use poor audio quality to judge the rest of the content they are viewing. In other words, if your audio is poor, no matter how good the content is, they will likely perceive the videos quality as poor. This means proper audio equipment should be at the top of your priority list.

Look at some microphones used for live streaming:

Blue Yeti Pro

This is the most popular option amongst streamers and content creators online. This is the only microphone that grows as you grow from a USB cable connection to a dual XLR breakout cable that allows you to connect to mixers and other high-end professional studio gear. This is the first USB condenser microphone to capture ultra-high resolution 24-bit digital recordings from your desktop. It offers four different pattern settings and three custom condenser capsules that direct high-resolution audio recording to your computer. If the pro is too high for your budget, they also offer a more basic one to get started that still offers studio-quality audio and pattern controls.

Razer Seiren X

The Razor Siren X is the perfect compact microphone for those who stream video games. It includes an ultra-precise pickup pattern that records sounds at tighter angles helping to reduce unwanted background noise. Due to its compact size and the nature of video games, it can be easy to knock it off or have bumps along the way, but the built-in shock mount dampens those vibrations, ensuring clear sound every time. As a result, you no longer need to worry about having enough space while still delivering superior audio.

Amazon FIFINE T669 USB Microphone

If you need a very affordable option to get started, including all the necessary mounting gadgets for streaming, then the Amazon FIFINE USB microphone is the perfect choice for under 100 dollars. This USB condenser microphone is fitted with everything needed to run a live stream or podcast. It was recently updated to improve the low-ends and overall self-noise level, which helps lower the keyboard and other background noises and produce a more rounded sound. In addition, it includes a desk tripod, an arm that mounts to the desk and offers 30 inches of reach, and a detachable 2.5M USB cable.

Having proper audio quality from day one improves your overall chances of success. It keeps your audience hooked and interested for more. Dont let poor audio be the reason no one is watching when there is an easy solution. Dont be afraid to ask your viewers how they enjoy it and how they believe you can improve it. The more knowledge you gain from your viewers, the more likely you are to do better.

What type of microphone do you use for your livestreaming?

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