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Live-Streaming for a Living

Essential Live Streaming Tools and Equipment

Your success in running a live streaming business is highly dependent on the essential live streaming tools and equipment you have now and what you use later to improve and optimize your stream. Unfortunately, this means live streaming is not a business that can be started on a tight budget. Without the proper equipment, you […]

Top Microphones for Better Live Streaming Audio

Unfortunately, studies have shown that people use poor audio quality to judge the rest of the content they are viewing. In other words, if your audio is poor, no matter how good the content is, they will likely perceive the video’s quality as poor. This means proper audio equipment should be at the top of […]

Seven Tips for First Time Streamers

Essential Live Streaming Tools and Equipment

It is normal to be nervous or experience some kind of anxiety as a first-time streamer. Getting used to improv, talking to yourself and strangers takes time and practice. However, you don’t have to wait around that long to make the journey a little easier for you. You can do and learn things before you […]

Changing Your Thought Pattern

Think it

You can accept change, address your fears, challenge your notions of discomfort, and let go of focusing on things that don’t matter while aiming for financial balance. To ensure this happens, you must change your thought patterns. It may seem like something that is not controllable, but it is. The truth is your thoughts are […]

Free and Low-Cost Automation Tools You Can Implement Today

Free and Low-Cost Automation Tools You Can Implement Today

Now that you’ve read a lot about automation, you may want to give some a try. Check out these free and low-cost automation tools you can implement today. The good news is you can test out a few options for free. This list is not comprehensive. There are free trials for most software these days, […]

10 Ways Small Business Benefits from Smart Automation

All businesses can enjoy the benefits from smart automation. Automation today is not expensive. You can implement much different productivity-improving automation free and inexpensively that will not just save time but will save money and increase your revenue exponentially. Increased Scalability – When you automate, even if you’re just one person, if you choose what […]

The Importance of Testing Your Automation for Impact

Running a lucrative business is exciting and scary and thrilling all at the same time. You may feel like your head is exploding with information and that you are on fire with energy. You feel on top of the world like you can do anything once you start generating money, but as you move up […]

Project Management Tools to Try

When it comes to project management, the worst thing you can do is either use nothing to organize yourself or use a tool that you don’t understand enough to utilize fully. Try out a few different options to find out what works smoothly for you within your budget. – If you’re accustomed to using […]